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Air/Sea Freight Services

Source Select, Inc is one of the premier 3PL solution providers serving Silicon Valley for more than 24 years. Let Source Select, Inc create and/or provide the Supply Chain and Logistics Infrastructure that will allow you to grow with no capital spending.

Source Select, Inc can move products directly from your factories anywhere around the globe to our globally managed warehouse facilities. This will allow you to optimize and control the flow of your products from factories. Source Select, Inc will find the most optimal way to move your goods using Air, Sea and Rail Freight options. is a complex business, options to move your goods range from trucks, intermodal, and drayage to air.

The process of choosing one and seeing through the global movements wherein each option involves an extraneous amount of complexity and effort such as controlling the charges, complying to government regulations and liaison with required international bodies specific to its nature of working. Source Select, Inc team efficiently manages each step of your supply chain which involves freight movements by making optimal decisions ensuring goods reach destinations in time always within budgeted costs.

As part of our global freight logistics services we manage the end to end movement of your products including clearing customs so you don’t have to worry about it. With Source Select, Inc, you can leverage our expertise and process to save time, energy, and money.


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